Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Key Workout 3x1 mi intervals (6:44, 6:50, 6:56)

First things first, I totally kicked butt in today's interval workout. I did three 1 mile intervals in 6:44, 6:50, and 6:56. This was not really expected. The target was to run a 10K pace, which I thought was around 7:15 min/mi for me. My splits were as follows:
  • Warmup - 1 mile (8:35 pace)
  • Interval One - 1 mile (6:44 pace)
  • Rest - .25 mile
  • Interval Two - 1 mile (6:50 pace)
  • Rest - .25 mile
  • Interval Three - 1 mile (6:56 pace)
  • Rest - .25 mile
  • Cooldown - 1.77 mile (7:41 pace)
Total - 6.52 miles in 55:43 (including rest)

The mental side of running has been my current focus. I have finish many "tough" workouts without gasping and feeling totally expended. Do I have the ability to push myself to achieve my best? How long has it been since I have left myself "gassed" with my hands on my knees? How come I've never puked from a really tough run? I used to ask myself all of these questions and have resolved to no longer do so. Instead I will relax. Relaxation is the key.

The endless, doubting questions were a waste of time. I needed to clear my mind and focus only on running easy, with good form. I didn't bring my iPod this time preferring to uncomplicate my mission of finding the pace I thought was most probable for a 10K effort. I have not run an official 10K in a year and a half but last Summer I gave a personal 10K a decent go (48-ish), so I knew that a mid-seven minute mile pace was in my reach. I ran until I felt the need to mouth breathe just to get enough oxygen, but I knew I had enough leg strength to keep from having to walk. Each interval felt about the same in exertion, but I played around with stride length to hold back the fatigue.

I am happy to have found this kind of results in my efforts. I think that it is a measure of my fitness to have tried a workout such as this and exceed my expectations.

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