Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Easy Run (8.01 mi - 1:05:15 - 8:08/mile)

Some workouts are just not too good. I sprinted out the door today and didn't know what I would focus on. Should I do a 5K tempo after a mile warm up or should I do an 8 mile progression run. I threw on my new "easy" run pace for a few miles (7:45-ish) and felt fine. I cruised along sub-8/mile paces for 5 miles then I had to back off because a pain in my abdomen. My horrible lunch of microwaved, frozen Mexican food warned me that it was not going to give me much in the way of nutrients and that I could take some gas for my troubles.

Also the weather today was definitely in the upper 70s and my water bottle was used for a quick shower rather than a drink. So, I basically didn't have anything in the tank to make the run a negative split.

Mile 1 - 7:57
Mile 2 - 7:43
Mile 3 - 7:36
Mile 4 - 7:52
Mile 5 - 7:59
Mile 6 - 8:15
Mile 7 - 9:04
Mile 8 - 8:39

Total - 8:01 mi - 1:05:15 - 8:08/mile
Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Saturday Easy Run (8.01 mi - 1:05:15 - 8:08/mile)

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