Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Interval Run (6:52, 7:21, 7:07)

I ran three 1 mile repeats at my 10K pace today in and around my neighborhood. I don't remember if I have ever run intervals on a true street run before, it is quite a challenge. When running in the street you can let your mind drift or focus narrowly on your run. You have to see the road. You have to dodge parked cars and wave to your neighbors. It is not an ideal place to struggle to maintain your pace and that is what I did today. Even though my elevation gain according to Garmin was a measly 301 ft, running around my neighborhood calls for tackling some serious hills.

Struggle aside, I am encouraged that I can challenge myself week in and week out with a hard workout like this an complete them. The Wednesday interval training may be just what I needed to prove that I can run faster than before.

Garmin Connect -
Activity Details for Wednesday Interval Run (6:52, 7:21, 7:07)

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