Sunday, April 24, 2011

Runervals 2.0 kicked my butt

I did the Runervals Treadmill Tempo run yesterday after an extended amount of time off due to vacation. This workout really tested me. I set my cruise pace to that of my predicted 5K time of sub-21 minutes. The workout went something like this. Warm-up running at 4mph.The intervals began with 4 times running cruise pace plus 3 mph faster (7 mph) and 3% grade for 90 secs then rest 30 secs. Coach Troy then gives you a 2 minute break for you to recover then run cruise plus 4 mph (8 mph) and 4% grade for 90 with 30 sec rest. The next was 9 mph at 5% grade for 90/30 but I could only go for 2 reps before backing it down to 8 mph. I then reset for the last set of 1 min on at 9 mph 5% grade and 1 min rest at cruise pace. 3 of these and I was done. 5 miles in the book. I’ll get out for a long easy tomorrow. Today is for family.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ahh… speedwork

I have been super casual about running since the National Marathon. I pretty much have just run when I felt like it which has caused me to take a few days off here and there. I have only put in 22 miles since the marathon and today was my first day of speed work.
I hit the WB&A trail for 3 intervals of 800m at my 5K pace (6:36/mi). I pretty much hit each interval with the first 800 at 3:18 followed by a 400m jog and a 3:09 800m, and a slightly off target 3:21 final 800. Given that I did not look at my watch and hit the splits on the mark using only my internal sense of pace paced on my judgment of what the 5K effort should feel like, I am very happy.
I am shooting for a 20:30 at the Armed Forces 5K in May and will be doing another Warrior Dash with my bro and his wife later that May. I should be in shape for some fast *for me) stuff.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Test with Windows Live Writer

This is a test post. I am now using Windows Live Writer to publish my blog. A big thanks goes to Neil Z of the Because all the cool kids are doing it… blog for his post on How to use MS Live Writer to Author and publish your blog… I had not thought of using an editor before when writing the blog, but it seems to be nicer than the minimal web-based editor provided by Blogger.

Recovery Week Recap

After last week's National Marathon I have been resting, taking in what happened, not running, and planning my next races.

What happened at the race? I had a personal best on my fifth marathon. Once again I set my sights high hoping for a 3:30-ish time, but wound up with another modest improvement (3:53 a one minute PB). I think my pre-race prep was the best I'd ever done. I did get in line for the toilet a little too late and ended up missing the start by about 6 minutes. With chip timers and the fact that I did not plan to run with a pace group I thought this shouldn't be a problem, but I did a lot of weaving and battle in the narrow streets of Capitol Hill to get running room because I had to start with a slower corral. I ran easy to a 1:50 half, held on to 20 miles and kind of Gallo-walked the last 10K. Not a winning strategy. I believe that my lack of commitment in training to holding onto marathon pace in my long training runs is the issue. I gotta get used to running on tired legs.

So, I am down-shifting to 5K training for about 6 weeks. I am going to have another go at the Armed Forces Week 5K. Last year's 21:06 should fall as a 5K PB. I am gunning for sub 20:30. Later in May I am going to do the Warrior Dash again with my bro. Last year I raced it well and placed really high in my age group. I did this with marathon training as my base. This race is more like a 5K through a jungle gym so I should be a lot faster this year coming off of 5K training.

Sometime in April I should hear about running the NYC Marathon. I am targeting a Fall marathon. If I don't get in to New York. I may do Baltimore again or Philadelphia. I do want to race a lot this year in 5, 8, and 10Ks. I want to get fast. I am also thinking about getting a coach or possibly joining a running club.

An interesting listen in the running podcast realm was Joe Rubio on Running Times Performance Podcasts (Feedburner link) talking about Endless Season Training. He postulates that most runners who not coached by elite coaches don't peak properly so racing just a couple of times a year is not effective. You get more from learning to race and what to work on by racing more frequently, like every other week or so. It's worth a listen.