Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Long Run (11 mi - 1:28:35 - 8:03 min/mi)

Through running the streets in my area I have become aware that the Glen Dale area has a lot of bats. As I was running the WB&A trail from Race Track Road to Annapolis Road I crossed under Glenn Dale Road in a tunnel. My footfalls flushed out about 20 bats who were apparently living in the light fixtures above me. I am not afraid of much, but I don't fancy the idea of a bat attacking me. I have been buzzed by bats before when running down Prospect Hill Road and know that they are not skillful fliers and can run into you.

On my return trip to Race Track Road I again galloped through the tunnel, but this time the bats weren't moving when I entered the tunnel. I relaxed only to have the bat's great granddaddy get startled and fly out of the end of the tunnel before I exited. Needless to say this cause an adrenaline rush that had my splits drop for the remaining miles.

Today's splits
Mile 1 - 7:57
Mile 2 - 8:09
Mile 3 - 7:57
Mile 4 - 8:02
Mile 5 - 7:51
Mile 6 - 8:55 (with a 1:30 minute walk)
Mile 7 - 7:57
Mile 8 - 7:54
Mile 9 - 7:54
Mile 10 - 7:28
Mile 11 - 8:23

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Sunday Long Run (11 mi - 1:28:35 - 8:03 min/mi)

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