Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Easy Run (5 miles - 39:19 - 7.51 min/mi)

I was treadmill bound today even though it was a beautiful day outside. I have been training recently to increase my threshold paces. I have imagined my 10K pace to be 7 min/mi and easy run pace at 8 min/mi. So far so good. I am able to complete each workout.

Reading back in my log I remember being fearful that I could maintain an 8 min/mi for the 10-mile race. During training I have twice beaten that time goal over the distance, most recently on Sunday. Now I want to accomplish 7:21 min/mi pace (1:13:27) for the 10-mile race. In order to get that I plan to 40 minute tempo next Tuesday and 50 minute tempo run on Saturday the 27th at my tempo run pace 7:08 to 7:27 min/mi.

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