Saturday, July 30, 2011

I’m not dead yet…

I’ve been running. Since my last post 4 weeks ago I’ve run 94 miles. I’ve done intervals, hill work, long runs, and tempo runs. I have even competed in a winning swim relay team.

I still plan on running the Baltimore Marathon on 15 October 2011. I am in week 9 of a 20 week training program where I’ve missed quite a number of workouts but have done 33 miles last week and am looking to do the same this week.

So, I am saying that I am not done running, but my blogging is lacking. I need to get more accustomed to being present on-line as I am doing a post-graduate course this Fall and may be beginning a Doctoral program. I am going to continue to strive for my BQ, I also am saving for my bike because the tri-bug has bit me and I am thinking that I’ll get into triathlon sooner that I have expected.