Monday, June 28, 2010

One more week to go

I have been "resting" my knee for more than two weeks now. One run in almost a month. The runner's knee scare had me see an orthopedist who had recommended I perform inner quad strengthening exercises since he suspected the reason to be a muscle imbalance pulling my patella off center. I've been doing these straight leg quad contractions 50 reps twice a day for a week now and have been given instruction to test out running again in a week. I have a knee brace to use when I do, but it will feel good to get back out and run again. I gotta train again and revise the plan to fit a new time goal.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

MCM Training - Week 2 (5/31 - 6/6)

A hard head makes for soft tissue damage. I ran only once this past week, on Monday for four miles. The previous week left me with an acute pain in my right outer knee so I decided to rest by not running. Instead I began the P90X program.

P90X is not the ideal way to rest, but it did not stress my knee (even the plyometrics) like running did. I did get a good cardio workout doing the PlyometricsX and I am getting some much needed strength training and stretching via Yoga X. I am even doing the dieting, which has caused me to cook some pretty tasty meals that I would have otherwise not done.

I plan on doing some light running in the mornings next week and plan on keeping the P90X thing going. I will restart marathon training in late June or the beginning of July with a different 16 week training plan for MCM. I am going to scale back my marathon goal at MCM to 3:25:00. We'll see...