Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Long Run (11 mi - 1:33:03 - 8:27/mile)

The long run today felt hard. I did my around the towns of GlennDale and Bowie route for 11 miles with the intent of getting the last four miles in at my goal 10 mile race pace, but it was not to be. I stepped it up at mile 6 and my 7 never quite achieving the 7:15/mile pace, but I did have the energy to push mile 8 and died on the 177 ft climb at mile 9. It was 9:00/mile time from then until I arrived back at the house.

Nice thing that happened was the many familiar faces I saw as I ran, especially when I saw my family driving to the dog park when I was coming down 197. I've got to get dressed and join them now.

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