Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Running Report

2009 Running Report

Good year in running for me. I had no injuries, save the current chaffing episode (see previous blog entry). I completed my first two marathons on very hilly and challenging conditions. I completed 1,136.7 miles in 171 runs. I ran in Australia, the UK, Orlando, and all over Bowie. The vast majority of my runs were outside and I think I am still getting faster. I hope 2010 brings good runs and a few new PRs in more different types of races. I still hope to get a BQ (Boston Qualifier - 3:15), but that is a bit of a stretch in the next year.

Total Runs Recorded in 2009

Runs: 171
Avg. Time: 00:57:35
Total Time: 164:09:08
Avg. Speed: 6.9 MPH
Avg. Mi Pace: 8:39
Avg. Dist.: 6.6 Mi
Total Dist.: 1136.7 Mi
Avg. Cal. Burned: 987.7 C
Total Cal. Burned: 166,926 C

Outdoor Runs in 2009

Count: 106 Activities
Distance: 767.44 mi
Time: 111:44:19 h:m:s
Elevation Gain: 95,334 ft
Avg Speed: 6.9 mph
Calories: 108,138 C
Avg Elevation Gain: 973 ft

Races in 2009

Baltimore Marathon 10/10/2009
Dist: 26.45 Mi
Time: 03:58:23
Pace: 09:00 min/mi

Frederick Marathon 05/30/2009
Dist: 26.20 Mi
Time: 04:03:27
Pace: 9:17 min/mi

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