Saturday, January 2, 2010

First run of the 2010 (5 mi @ 8:31 min/mi)

My first run of the new year was a scheduled easy pace run of 5 miles. I was aprehensive at first because my thigh chaffing episode from Tuesday is still a little painful. Thanks to Chris Russell of RunRunLive who has characterize this little malady as "chub rub" in his recent Twitter to me.

I got down to running on the treadmill after a morning of swim classes with the kids and reading a few pages from this month's technology book, Enterprise Service Bus: Theory and Practice. Easy pace for me is characterized by the McMillan Running Calculator as 8:50 to 9:20 min/mi based on my 10K time of 46:27. I set the treadmill to 7 mph because I like whole numbers and did a slight pickup to 8 mph to finish strong the last 400m. This gave me a time of 42:35 an average pace of 8:31 min/mi.

The chaffing didn't bother so much so I think I will give the scheduled 15 mile long run tomorrow a shot. I have got to remember to fuel right because I haven't run that far since the marathon two months ago. I just downloaded a new podcast SportsCast with Spidey and the Henchman so I'll give that a listen during the run.

Happy running!

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