Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday Speed Work (Pyramid Intervals)

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Thursday Speedwork

Today I got out to the W B&A Trail to put in a "pyramid" set of intervals, a 400/800/2400/800/400 superset.

The goal was to run 400 meters at 10 seconds per mile faster than 5K pace, 800 meters at 5K pace, 2400 meters at 10K pace, 800 meters at 5K pace and 400 meters at 10 seconds per mile faster than 5K pace. Do not rest between the distances. Cool down with 800 meters at an easy pace.

I warmed up with a 1 mile jog done in 10 minutes and immediate began what I thought was 5K pace, something fast but not all out. It appears that I was going roughly a 6:20 min/mi pace for this quarter mile phase. I then let down a little to go what probably was a 7 min/mi pace with a few spikes of slower and faster paces over 800 meters. I then got to the 10K pace phase which was probably a 7:15 min/mi pace for a mile and a half. This began the tough phase of picking up the pace when I was a bit tired. I turned it up for the next 800 meters keeping it down to around a 6:45 min/mi pace. Then I pushed it for the final quarter mile and found that I could go below 6 min/mi pace, actually bottoming out at 5:20 min/mi.

I found that at my current level of fitness is fine with such running, I could gone harder or longer at anytime during the run. I can keep my legs interested in the fast paces by stretching out my stride when my turnover become too tiring. I am good with continuing to strive for this 45 minute 10K goal.

The mile segments don't match up with the interval efforts I described above, but the following are my splits:
- Mile 1, 9:56 (warm up)
- Mile 2, 7:06
- Mile 3, 7:16
- Mile 4, 6:58
- Mile 4.5, 9:36 (cool down)
Total: 4.49 miles, 36:03, 8:01 min/mi avg pace

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