Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Marathon Pace Run

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Sunday

The Run
Standard warm up. Run 6 miles at goal marathon race pace.

Mileage and time: 6.22 miles in 49:15
Route/terrain: WB&A Trail/paved trail (there was still some snow and slush around that I had to tread carefully on)

Interval/race time:
  • Mile 1 - warm up mile in 9:32
  • Miles 2 through 6.22 - average pace of 7:32 min/mi
Temperature/time of day: 50 degrees/2:37 pm

How I felt
Felt pretty good. First outside run in quite some time.

Morning weight: 193.6 lbs
Aches and pains: some quad soreness after the run, but this subsided soon after I showered and rested.

Did the first week of the one hundred push-ups challenge.
  • Set 1 - 10
  • Set 2 - 12
  • Set 3 - 7
  • Set 4 - 7
  • Set 5 - 12 (as many as possible with good form)
The sets were harder than I would've thought. I did hold good form though. It will be really impressive to see what my body will look like when I can do 100 consecutive push ups.

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