Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Speedwork - 2 x 800/1600 meter supersets

The Run
Standard warm up of 10 minutes at 10 min/mi pace followed by running 2 x 800/1600 meter supersets. Run 800 meters at 5K pace, then slow down to 10K pace for 1600 meters. Recover between the sets with 800 meters at an easy pace. Cool down with 800 meters at an easy pace.

Mileage and time

5 miles in 42 minutes


Interval/race time
  • 1600 meters @ 10 min/mi pace
  • 800 meters @ 6:40 min/mi pace
  • 1600 meters @ 7:30 min/mi pace
  • 800 meters @ 10 min/mi
  • 800 meters @ 7:03 min/mi pace
  • 1600 meters @ 7:30 min/mi pace
  • 800 meters @ 10 min/mi pace
Temperature/time of day
Indoor/8:30 PM

How I felt

Morning weight

I don't know I didn't weigh myself this morning. After my run I weighed 196.6 lbs.

Mood (before/during/after)
I felt anxious about running this superset. I am not sure that my 5K pace is really 6:40 min/min and my 10K is 7:00 min/mi. During the run I felt that I need more aerobic strength, but I can run the paces I just gave up before trying the second set at the expected paces. After the run I feel strong a little disappointed I didn't try to maintain the pace, but accomplished that I did the superset at all.

Aches and pains
I started the run with sore calves. I assume that this is from "cold stretching" on Sunday. During the run my left hip had some pain during some strides, but that pain went away.

Well, the 10K race I wanted to run this Sunday may not be in the cards. I have my flag football tournament as my first priority, it was delayed due to the snow this past weekend and I expect to win through Saturday into the Sunday games. I have to find a replacement race that will allow me to exercise this training. I would like to get 45 minutes or less in the 10K.

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