Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday 4 mile run (10 x 30 secs Fartleks)

The run

No warm-up, run four miles at an easy pace. The goal here is to intersperse 10 accelerations of pace into the run and hold it for 30 seconds. These accelerations are called Fartleks.

Mileage and time: 4 miles in 33:30
Route/terrain: treadmill
Interval/race time: Ran first mile in 8:34 (7mph), then picked it up to 8mph for 30 seconds and slowed down to 7mph for the rest of the lap. I repeated this for 10 sets and finished the last half mile at 7mph.
Temperature/time of day: indoors/10:30am

How I felt

Felt good. First run in almost two weeks. I only did two elliptical workouts

Morning weight: 199.6 lbs
Mood (before/during/after): hey I'm running
Aches and pains: feeling good. The right calf tightness that I've had since last Saturday was gone when I woke this morning.
Goals: Focusing on the Cherry Blossom 10 miler - its the only race I've signed up for so far. I plan on running it in 1:20 or faster (8 min/mi). I still plan on running the SunTrust National Marathon in March, but until I sign up I gotta stay focused.

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