Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elliptical workout

I have been unmotivated to run this week. I am not burnt out on running, I just have been coming home to darkness, coldness and a busy home life. Not to mention the regular chaos of the end of the quarter reporting at work.

I jumped on the elliptical trainer we just bought for the upstairs and did a 30 minute hills workout program. I did 1,760 revolutions on a varying resistance level from 3 to 8.5. A little math says that the 18" stride length times PI times the revolutions divided by 12 divided by 5,280 equal 1.57 miles.

(((18 * 3.14159265) / 12) * 1 760) / 5 280 = 1.57079632

The feel of this workout is slightly different from running. It was definitely not as cardio intense, my lungs and heart did not feel as taxed. However, my quadriceps felt more maxed out than it would from running, maybe if the run was up a serious hill for the entire length.

Anywho, I'll get it together and start my marathon training plan in earnest next week. I guess I just needed a break, but to not run during this week of holiday parties would be a diet disaster. I am already looking at a 15 lb weight loss between now and the marathon. Let's not make it worse.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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