Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Interval Workout (6 mi - 49:15 - 8:13 min/mi)

It's time for me to get serious about a goal time for this 10-miler. I have toyed around with 8 min/mi pace for the 10 miles, but since I've already done faster in training I'll have to pick a faster goal. I think I've settled down on 7:30 min/mi, which will give me a 1 hour 13 minute race time. So, now I have got to figure out how to train for that.

I think I need a key workout each week to test out my running strength. I am going to do it based on training interval distances at my goal race pace until it becomes easy. Today, I planned to run a warm-up followed by three 1 mile intervals at goal pace followed by a minute and a half of jogging. I managed to do the intervals. Next key workout has to be on a Saturday where I will go for seven 1 mile intervals with a jog break.

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