Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Key Workout (7.07 mi - 55:51 - 7:53)

The idea was to do some time at my goal 10-miler pace. I thought about going one mile for a warm-up then alternate one mile at target pace and one minute of an easy pace until I reached seven miles. I was running for the first time in Greenbelt Park and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I had to adjust to the terrain.

My first reality check was the fact that the hills were pretty intense and second I had to find my way around the first lap. I tried to find my goal pace, but was working too hard to adjust to the hills to hit the mark. So, I adjusted a bit to the new course. I could run a 3K lap around my parking area and then recover with a walk. I began to find a pace around 7:45 min/mi I will have to push that time down a bit.

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Saturday Key Workout (7.07 mi - 55:51 - 7:53)

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