Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Long Run (9.68 miles - 1:19:19 - 8:11 min/mi)

I ran outside today for only the second time this February. It was glorious. I scheduled a long run of 10 miles, but had a bit of a time crunch so decided to cut it short. I did two laps around the neighborhood and my legs remembered what hills felt like. Mostly even splits between 7:50 and 8:30 min/mi paces, nothing too strenuous. Much to my surprise was the fact that I weigh under 190 for the first time this year, which is weird given this weekend I have been eating Ledo's pizza and Five Guys cheeseburgers.

Note: Since I've been running most recently on my treadmill, trails, and city sidewalks I forgot what running on roads is like. Road camber (the tilt on either side of the street intended to assist drainage) stinks. I think my right leg absorbs more of my weight than left because I run on the left side of the road (which is the side facing traffic in my part of the world).

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Sunday Long Run (9.68 miles - 1:19:19 - 8:11 min/mi)

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