Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Easy Day (5 miles - 41:19 - 8:15 min/mi)

Squeezed this run in today before my daughter's ballet practice. I gave myself a time limit rather than a mileage goal. Run as many miles as you can before 6 PM. I got started close to 5:15 and hit 7 mph (8:34 min/mi) on the treadmill. I kept that pace for 3.50 miles then picked it up to 7.5 mph (8:00 min/mi) for a half mile. Great it's now about 5:50. So, I said, "One more mile. A quick one." I ran 8 mph (7:30 min/mi) pace and finished the last quarter mile with 9 mph pace (6:40 min/mi).

This was a simple, compressed workout in a little over 40 minutes. I was supposed to make this an easy run, one mile longer than my usual easy run day. Well, that didn't happen, but the workout was good.

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