Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Long Run (8 miles @ 8:38 min/mi)

Another evening treadmill run. I put my 8 miles in using the "Galloway method" in the second half because I didn't have a lot of gas to maintain a steady pace. The Galloway method is a way of running that incorporates periodic walk breaks to keep your legs fresh.

I don't like to walk in my runs, but around mile 4 I started to take the treadmill down from 7 mph to 5 mph for around 45 seconds then running at a 7.3 mph pace for 4 minutes - rinse repeat. I actually used this in my most recent marathon out of necessity after mile 18. It helped because I walked through the water stops so I was able to take in my fluids and gels efficiently as opposed to sloshing my cup about and every so often choking on water going down the wrong pipe.

So, even though I am not sure about the strategy yet, I can see how using this intentionally in my next marathon could help. We'll see. I am going to experiment with this a bit.

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