Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Easy Run (5 miles, 8:47 min/mi)

Just another evening run on the treadmill. Five miles in 43:55. I am using a periodization method in my training. Two easy runs, one speedwork session (interval or tempo run), and a long run a week in this phase. This phase is called the "base building" phase that is intended to strengthen muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues. I'll be in this phase throughout the rest of the year, probably until February then I will begin the preparation phase.

The preparation phase is largely endurance and strength runs like hill repeats. I need to improve this in order to get through the hard late miles in the marathon. The last phase is the peak phase where I will focus on speed.

I have not ever trained specifically like this before and I am not sure what results it will get me, but we shall see. More info on this method of training can be found at Runner's World.

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