Saturday, November 7, 2009

Marathoning is expanding my cultural awareness

My interest in marathoning has introduced me to a very international awareness since the majority of the sport's stars are not from the US. One of the sport's best is Sammy Wanjiru the 2008 Olympic marathon champion from Kenya. I recently read an interesting article about him in the Saturday Nation a Kenyan news website.

In this article Wanjiru fears for his safety as his sports popularity and earnings have made him a target of armed thugs who have been attacking his home. As is common, the comments section offers an interesting extension on the conversation. A few comments offer that Sammy is much like America's own sports stars in that he is "keeping it real" by continuing to live amongst his childhood friends even though his new income makes him very wealthy.

A provincial upbringing that many of Americans have would lead one to think that the problems of star athletes is an local phenomena. Now, I guess I might be a little wiser.

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