Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tempo Run (7 miles - 59:32 - 8:30 min/mi)

Today had a multi-stage tempo run in store for me. I ran the standard ten minute one mile warm up. Then I ran 3 miles at my 10K pace (7:47 min/mi) followed by a quick recovery walk and then 2 miles at roughly my marathon pace (ranging from 9:13 to 8:49 min/mi). Another quick walk led to a last mile at my 5K pace (7:13 to 7:03 min/mi).

It felt good to attempt to run fast. I am still feeling a bit sluggish, but its coming along. I can feel the strength of my will returning. Ack, I am traveling soon and it will take me 3 days to reach my destination. I am going to have to run tomorrow morning if I am going to get any runs in at all until Saturday.

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