Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Interval Training (6 x 1600m @ 10K pace)

After eating tacos and losing a game of Sorry! to my 6 year old I plodded downstairs to put in my interval training run for the evening. The run consisted of my standard one mile warmup and was followed by 6 one mile repeats with 400m jogs in between each. The goal was run each repeat at 10K pace but my groin yelled at me when I ran at a 7:30 min/mi pace so I backed off to a 8:34 min/mi pace for the first two before daring to run 8:13 min/mi for the final 4 miles.

The total mileage for tonight was 9 miles at an average pace (including warm up and cool down) of 9:04 min/mi. The groin pull from this weekend's football game caused my to alter my stride some so I actually strained my left knee and right calf muscle. This soreness has already gone away, but I am going to keep the speed down a little this week.

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