Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Marathon Pace Run

Garmin Connect - Activity Details for Tuesday Marathon Pace Run

Awesome day to run outside. I squeezed in an hour and fifteen minute run before I had to get the kids today. I was supposed to run my standard warm up followed by 1 mile at an easy pace followed by 8 miles at goal marathon race pace. I knew that I couldn't fit that in before school let out so I just ran from my front door around my old running path. It felt so good to get off of that treadmill and just go for a while.

Extra credit
I am now starting week four of the hundred pushup challenge. I did 32 consecutive pushups on the last set after a hard effort.

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Toby Guillette said...

Great to see you getting after it in 2010! All the best to you this year. I think its great you listen to books on tape for your long runs. Totally an under-utilized practice. good stuff!