Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Speedwork - Acquire the confidence

Speedwork is serious business. I set out today for some punishment, 5 x 1600m (1 mile) intervals at 5 seconds faster than 5K pace, followed immediately by 4 x 400m at 15 seconds faster than 5K pace. My planned for pace for the 5K will be 6:45/mile. The results now, analysis later:

Mile 1 - 6:34 (-11)
Mile 2 - 7:02 (+17)
Mile 3 - 7:00 (+15)
Mile 4 - 7:05 (+20)
Mile 5 - 7:11 (+26)

Average - 6:56/mile

400m intervals (paces in min/mi)
Interval 1 - 6:11
Interval 2 - 6:25
Interval 3 - 6:35
Interval 4 - 6:36

This workout was really anaerobic. I could feel the strain in muscles as if I were doing heavy squats or lunges. I believe that I held my form well: back straight, head held high, knees lifting, etc. I spent a lot of time trying to judge my pace. If I just take off thinking that I'll hold the pace for a mile I almost always am faster than a 6:40/mile pace, but I often need to rely on stride lengthening to rest mid-mile. I have always left myself with a considerable reserve of "kick" left to finish a mile, but have never used it (this should be a note for future workouts).

I wonder if these speed workouts for my 5K and the 10-miler have taught me to handle a faster pace for the mile. I have never done so much speedwork. If I train this Summer for a few 5Ks along with some marathon-specific training I am hopeful for a 3:20 marathon at MCM this Fall. The McMillan Running Calculator predicts a 3:19:51 marathon for me if I can get a 20:30 5K, which seems entirely possible given my current abilities.

I have two weeks until the Armed Forces 5K. I have 3 more speed sessions. I want to hit the mark in one of them. I have got to stop being afraid of working too hard to last the distance - I have enough training and strength. As I was told today in my mid-cycle review at my job. I have been selected to be senior leader I must acquire the confidence, no one can teach me to go to the next level, I am on my own.

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