Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Long Run (8 mi - 1:04:17 - 8:01/mile)

Short Beaver Dam Road Loop 8.01 mi / 01:04 08:01 pace

Today's workout was to run 8 miles with the first 6 miles at an easy pace. I was supposed to speed up to 15 seconds per mile less than 10K pace for mile 7 and then speed up again to 5K pace for mile 8. I couldn't do it, but I did push the pace up to 7:16/mile for the last two.

On another note, I am slowly going on social media overload, but pretty much saying the same thing on each of them. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger (here) and some running sites, Runner's World the Loop, and the Daily Mile. I really have a one track mind. I am always writing about running. I guess this is because it is my hobby and I started this to track my workouts.

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