Friday, May 7, 2010

Return from Daily Mile

This blog is a training journal. I have been writing my distance running training notes in here for more than a year since I took the sport seriously about a year ago. I use the Buckeye Outdoors Training Log to hold all my daily miles, but this blog is where the workout specifics have been kept. I use Garmin Connect to sync the miles, pace, and distances from outdoor workouts, but I run on a treadmill often so Buckeye captures the totality of the miles I've run.

Recently, I have dabbled in the Daily Mile website, which is essentially Facebook for runners. It captures your workouts, syncs from you Garmin, and has a good deal of fields for additional running metadata like temperature outside, how do you feel, intensity of the workout, etc. Its a nice idea but I don't think that I will abandon this blog to tracking my training for it.

I've run a lot since my last blog entry 36.53 miles over 7 runs, in fact. I am less than a week away from my first 5K race. I think that I'll hit sub-21 for this. Training has been tough, but I think that I have learned a bit about myself through this training. I plan to run at least one more 5K and return to the Jug Bay 10K after the MCM this year to beat my 10K PR (46:27).

I'm back from not blogging for a bit, more to come...

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