Friday, March 4, 2011

SunTrust National Marathon is official

I finally did it. I committed to the SunTrust in more than just words. Electrons, bits, are now coursing through the Inter Webs with my resolve to put everything I've got on the line on March 26 for 26.2 miles. It cost me now in both money and training/effort/guts.

Sixteen miles is a special distance for me. It is my nemesis. I have seen my threshold in 13 miles, but have pushed myself to near marathon pace for the next couple of miles, but I am aware that the 16 mile mark is the end of my game face and when I start survival mode. I wish to push past this milestone and figure out what I can bring with a 23 mile run this Sunday with a 16 mile marathon pace close out (8:40).

Sunday will be a huge confidence build.

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