Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tapering begins

3 weeks to go. I skipped my easy miles on Wednesdays day but fully went after my Tuesday and Thursday quality workouts.

After my high mileage week that was capped by a 23 miler I started with a 7 by 1600m at 10k pace (7:30 pace for the sake of the treadmill) and hit every interval. There is nothing like a hard effort to give you confidence that you can recover when times get tough. This morning I set out to do an off/on workout where I would run for 30 secs @ marathon pace (8:34) then 30 secs @ 5k pace minus 20 (6:40).

Though I feel a bit bad about recently not hitting my training goal I am beginning to remember what success feels like.

Note: just bought new shoes, Brooks Adrenaline 11s.

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