Wednesday, March 16, 2011

All I Do ...

I ran an easy 6 this morning, OUTSIDE! I punished my strides running close to my 800m paces. Yesterday I did 8 800s at 6:40 pace. I feel in shape though sitting down at work makes my body feel tight.

My morning run playlist made me miss Michael Jackson. I heard 2 songs from Off the Wall and a song I never knew Michael sang, All I Do Is Think of You. That song was popularized to my generation by a group named Troop. They did a good facsimile but there is only one Michael.

My hype songs were H.A.M. by Kanye and Jay-Z, two Swizz Beats productions with Lloyd Banks and Kanye, and 6 foot 7 by Weezy. These will find their way on my marathon playlist.

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Evolving Through Running said...

Just found and started following your blog. Definitely looks like you're ready for your race - good luck.

Have to agree with you on MJ. Unfortunate that he became such a punch-line over the course of this life, 'cause he really had some great songs back in the day.