Monday, February 21, 2011

GW Marathon 2011 Race Report

I can only find solace in this race if I remember this was a long run. My time for this run was 4:17:20, my slowest marathon yet. My average pace was 9:49/mile, which is well within range of a long run pace for my goal marathon pace.

I hit my planned half marathon split on the nose, 1 hour 57 minutes. I kept a tight reign on my pace, but as soon as I hit the half marathon point I felt the energy deficit. I was prepared to try hard, but not go to the bottom of the barrel for this race. I threw in a couple of attempts at goal marathon pace miles, but the next level energy would not come. Though I walked through each water stop I began to walk when tired after mile 16. I struggled in at a decent pace, but only after the soul rending uphill at mile 26.

So I am happy with this as a training run. I did no 20+ mile runs leading up to this race and those I have found are vital for getting used to the fatigue I must get used to. So this will be my first going into the SunTrust National Marathon.

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