Saturday, March 26, 2011

Race day: Last pre-race post

It's 4:30. I've eaten my PB and syrup sandwich with a Muscle Milk shake, water and a multi-vitamin. It is 39 degree F and clear with little wind. I have decided not to wear the running tights and brave having cold legs until I warm up. I have to leave soon to get to RFK by around 5:45 am. Since my last post I've run an easy 4-miler with strides to  make the race week build up 7.1 miles with my typical Tuesday quality run of a hard 5k. I feel good. My plan is to run easy with surges until 18 miles or so and then just see what I've got. I have my Endurolytes, my GU gels, gloves and socks to go over the gloves. Its time.

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