Thursday, April 2, 2009

A run with some b-ball and Adam Corolla

Vacations are tough. I mean they shouldn't be, but the week before you go on one you've got to wrap up whatever you are doing at work. You have got to make plans to be away and make sure someone is taking care of home and you have to adjust your schedule. All of this so you can go and have some well deserved fun.

I have got a nice vacation lined up to Disney World, but I am a software engineer whose work has to be wrapped up in 3 week cycles. I am missing my last week of this cycle so I have got to get all my work done this week before I jump on a plane. So, it is not surprising to me that I get home at 8:30 PM and still have my 5 mile run ahead of me.

I ran this one on my basement treadmill and took it nice and easy with a 9:07 min/mi pace for 45:39 while watching the college basketball skills competition and listening to the Adam Corolla podcast guest starring Alonzo Bodden. The Adam Corolla podcast is great stuff, funny, sometimes cerebral and this episode is probably his most coherent. Maybe not too funny, but just a listenable discussion about Alonzo's background with the Skunk Works and Ace's enjoyable sidebars.

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