Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm running in the rain

I set out today to run fast, to make this marathon goal of mine more real. I want to run a 3:40 marathon. I need to run at an 8:24 min/mi pace for 26.2 miles to accomplish this - no easy feat. My goal for today was to run 10 miles at a 8:00 min/mi pace. It was misting when I got home from work today. I wrapped by iPod in a plastic baggie and put my Garmin on and ran out the door hoping to get the miles in before it both got too dark to run and before the drizzle turned into an all out rain.

Well, I could not run my normal long distance route because it doesn't have street lights and I didn't map a new one because I actually planned to run inside on the treadmill. I pieced together some routes that I thought might make up 10 miles and by my estimation it might have worked had the rain held off a little longer. I have lost one iPod due to running too long in the rain and I would not risk my new Nano and my Garmin 405 to a similar fate. So I rounded the entrance to my neighborhood at about mile 7 and wandered the sidewalks to increase the mileage count to just over 8 miles before trudging home in the rain.

8.14 miles
8:08 min/mi

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