Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 15 Recap (August 30 - September 5)

Weekly mileage: 47.60 (long run: 20 miles)

This was a good week of running. No knee pain that lasted and I can only credit my new shoes. I did my second 20 mile run of the year, though it was the first of this training cycle.

I don't intend to sell myself short, but I am going to set my marathon goal by targeting my heart rate at least through the final mile or so kick. I plan to just run at 150 bpm effort. Since my averaged maximum heart rate is 210 (I threw out my high value of 223) 150 represents 71% of my max heart rate. I'll go for between 65 and 75% and leave my kick for miles 25, 26, and 0.2.

At this point, it is impossible to predict how fast this will be, but I can say I averaged 150 bpm for my 20 mile effort this Sunday at a 9:21/mile pace. The reason this is incalculable is because I get more fit and the same effort measured by heart rate can be a faster pace. For example I ran 18 miles the week before at a 9:25, but was a 155 bpm effort.

This week I ramp up to 49 miles while stepping back the long run to 16 miles.

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