Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday quality workout

Training: 7.56 miles, 6 mile tempo pace @ 8:11/mile, 1:06:31

I love working to accomplish something hard to do. I also dread and doubt whether I will be able to do it until it is done. I knew this morning's tempo workout was going to be hard. I had a scheduled 8 mile run - one mile warmup, six mile tempo at 7:31/mile pace, and one mile cooldown. I have gotten out of the habit of running fast. Six miles at that pace is really hard for me right now. I've run faster for longer before, but I am out of practice.

I deliberately struck out slow and hit mile one in about 10 minutes. At that point I started my tempo. I did the first mile of the tempo on pace about 7:28, the next mile in 7:35 with a walk break, 8:45 was the next mile because I was beat and that's where I had to climb my big hill twice. Mile 4 was in 7:56, followed by another in 7:57, the last mile came in 8:24. I cooled down and went home to stretch.

As I was midway through the last tempo mile I was listening to a Tupac song. I don't think I often draw inspiration from Pac, but he happened to say "even in the dark of night, you know there's a brighter day" and it struck me that I started this arduous run with the stars shining and no sunshine on the horizon and am finishing as the dawn broke. I had to struggle through the hard beginning miles of a high velocity run in the dark not know if I could, but I kept running until the break-a-dawn and achieved my goals. I know, sappy, but I can draw inspiration from anything when I've only got 1.5 miles to go before I rest.

Blah, blah, blah... g'nite

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