Sunday, September 26, 2010

Iron Man training (not really, but I do stick to my training)

This week's runs took place mostly along the piers and boardwalks of The Embarcadaro in San Francisco. I had to maintain my training regimen even though I was completely out of my normal environment, diet, and time zone. I have to say that the flat bayside running had me feeling like an Ironman.

Running on a steady diet of free beer and free concerts by the Black-Eyed Peas when you're given free carnival food and staying up 20 hours on West coast time is not the Spartan existance of a marathoner.

All I can say is distractions aside I ran 4 times for 27 miles while I was away and had some decent splits:

Day 1: 7:52, 7:48, 7:52 - 3.02 miles @ 7:52/mile
Day 2: 8:31, 8:16, 8:13, 8:08, 8:10, 8:37, 8:15, 7:46 - 8.05 miles @ 8:15/mile
Day 3: 9:11, 8:38, 8:12, 8:15, 8:27, 8:07, 8:27, 7:32 - 8.09 miles @ 8:21/mile
Day 4: 8:41, 8:05, 8:02, 7:57, 8:14, 8:18, 8:28, 8:18 - 8:01 miles @ 8:15/mile

I gained less than 50 feet of elevation running while San Fran, though I probably gained more than a thousand walking the hills, like all the way up Powell Street. But, when I came home I gave my regular home run an easy 8 mile run on Sunday and gained 301 feet of elevation over 8.7 miles. The good news I still was able to crank out 8:23/mile without spiking over an 160 bpm heart rate. Progress is being made.

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