Thursday, March 19, 2009

Running to Hoegaarden

Probably the only time I voluntarily did 5 miles on the treadmill. I got home about 5 minutes into the first half of the UMD vs Cal game, changed clothes and jumped on the treadmill because I needed to get in my five miles. I also had just gotten some Hoegaarden, which is an awesome beer that I had first tasted on my recent trip to Australia, and I could wait to plop down on the couch a watch some of the second half with a frosty mug. I was supposed to do a fairly slow recovery run of about 9:00 min/miles, but I just couldn't bear running for 45 minutes and only catching a little of the second half in comfort. So, I stepped it up a little and ran at 7 mph (an 8:34 min/mi pace).

So the good news is that Maryland won and my beautiful wife was a TV star for 5 seconds today hanging out in the mid-point break with Whoopi Goldberg on the View. I also had my brew, which was not the same as the draft I had down under, but immensly better when you pour it out in a can and into a glass.

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