Sunday, March 15, 2009

Frederick RF 2009 Marathon Training - Week 10, Long Run

Training phase: Week 10, Long Run

Set out Saturday morning to complete my step back week 12 mile run at the goal pace of 08:49 to 09:49 min/mi. This pace is determined from the McMillan Running Calculator based on my best 10K race result. I am striving for a sub-03:40:00 marathon.

I run with both my Garmin and my Nike+iPod because I am driven to get at least 500 miles with Nike+ before throwing it in a ditch and getting the overly expensive Garmin foot pod to satisfy my treadmill data collection needs.

My Nike+iPod deserves better treatment because it has seen me through the beginning of my running life. I wore it on my PR for my 10K and my first pseudo race was the Nike+ Human Race 10K. However it has never been particularly accurate, costing me recorded miles and making me run longer and harder to achieve my goals. Today it froze my iPod just when I thought that I was going to finally achieve my 500 mi. milestone. Gotta be fair though, I have never calibrated the thing. I think it is the same problem I have with doing my speed work I like to run right after leaving my door. I don't drive to the track or other trails. I must write on this later.

Speaking of throwing things in a ditch... I actually would never do that. I carry water and fruit snacks with me on my long runs and the occasional half a banana. I have only thrown out the banana skin on my routes. I was actually wondering about whether running in the gutter/ditch/breakdown-lane affects your pace when I passed a litter clean up crew. Now, I run on a very scenic, public road that is very lightly traveled most of the time. It is actually the very road where most of the GW Birthday Marathon occurs. This road gets a lot of beer cans, cigarette butts, and fast food dumps from the occasional knucklehead and I guess some of the unlucky knuckleheads of PG County got forced to do their civic duty that day.

I thought as I passed them the following: first what would they think of me (someone who looks a lot like them sans the sagging jeans and urban swagger) busting my tail on mile 10 of a 12 mile run when they have to walk a pick up trash as a punishment and two I saw way too many gel packs, water bottles, and other runner debris on the trail that they'll have to pick-up. I want all runners to be above that tendency and let it be clear that if a litter crew is forced to do a clean-up detail that they are picking-up after people who need to stop the bad behavior of smoking and drinking and driving - not running to improve their health and increase human performance.

Enough preaching, here are the stats.


  • Split 1 - 07:59, 1.00 mile
  • Split 2 - 08:11, 1.00 mile
  • Split 3 - 07:53, 1.00 mile
  • Split 4 - 08:28, 1.00 mile
  • Split 5 - 08:18, 1.00 mile
  • Split 6 - 07:49, 1.00 mile
  • Split 7 - 10:32, 1.00 mile
  • Split 8 - 07:56, 1.00 mile
  • Split 9 - 08:13, 1.00 mile
  • Split 10 - 08:43, 1.00 mile
  • Split 11 - 08:54, 1.00 mile
  • Split 12 - 08:10, 1.00 mile
  • Split 13 - 41:41, 0.01 mile
  • Total Time - 01:41:44
  • Total Distance - 12.01
  • Elevation Gain - 2,091
  • Elevation Loss - 1,974
  • Average Speed - 08:28
  • Max Speed - 03:42

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