Sunday, March 29, 2009

The almost 20-miler...

Well I got to run this weekend because my intramural basketball team laid an egg on Friday. At 3:30 PM on Saturday I cleared my schedule for 3 hours and set out to run. It was a misty/drizzly afternoon and I had a bit of fear about wearing my electronic equipment. I left my iPod and wore my Garmin, but I brought a sandwich baggie just in case the mist turned in to a real rain.

About 5 miles in my Garmin starts beeping to tell me that the battery charge is low. I saw the indicator earlier that day and noticed that it was at 33% battery. I guess that I misjudged that a charge level like that would carry me through the entire run because it stopped for me at 13.62 miles. I intended to run 20 miles, but I invented the route as I went along even running 1 mile down a dead end road. I finished with an 18.77 mile run as mapped by the Gmaps Pedometer.

I am bothered by my 9:38 min/mi pace because it seemed pretty close to my mental limit, but I did complete my hardest mileage week ever (56.78 miles). I really want a sub-4 hour marathon. If I am going to get it I am going to have to toughen up.

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