Monday, March 16, 2009

5 fast miles on a treadmill

I did a hardcore five mile treadmill run tonight at the gym. Started the run at 09:20 PM with a first mile at 7.5 mph, second at 7.6 mph, 7.7, then 7.8 mph. The last mile I bumped it up to 8.0 mph for the next 800 meters, the next 400 meters at 9.0 mph and the last lap at 9.5 mph. The average pace for my run was 7:41 min/miles. Followed the run up with a single weight training circuit of chest press, rows, shoulder press, pulldowns, squat, weighted lunges, ab machines, and planks. I was supposed to do another but the gym was closing so I headed back home to my sleeping family.

I read an awesome story about the current SunTrust National Marathon champ Michael Wardian. Michael has defended his title three consecutive times and is the USTFA's 2008 "Ultra Runner of the Year." His record wins at the National Marathon and 50K and 100K races didn't impress me as much as the fact that the guys is a lot like me. He is married with a kid and works a full-time job. He does what he needs to do to train like running a marathon on a treadmill (he formerly held the world record) and running like a mad man with a baby stroller. If you get a chance check out the article from Runner's World it was cool.

Feeling good and can't wait for Frederick Running Festival. There are 6 weeks and 6 days left until the race.


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