Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tough guy, huh?

I ran 7 mile in 56:16 this morning after fighting myself to wake up and run. Tapering feels good, but it reminds you of how much rest one's body really can enjoy.

I did my 5 mile tempo run at 7:24/mile (8.1 mph) with a warm-up and cool down mile. I did this on my treadmill with a 2% grade. Getting to mile 5 felt a bit tough and I had to repeat my self over and over "I am tough, I am tough!" Then magically, mile 5 was easy. I threw in a surge at the end of each lap for 100m (.06 mile) 8.2 mph, 8.3 mph, 9 mph.

I was inspired to keep going by a NY Times article titled, "The Secrets of Elite Athletes" ( that suggested that they simply endure pain better. Well masochism may not be my thing, but I am tough!

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