Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Running with music

I was running my last Sunday before the marathon and on the last mile before I wrap up the workout and the worst song comes up on my random playlist. Have you ever heard the statement, "I love all the songs I put on my iPod except when they are on random." Well, that's how I felt all run. In eight miles, I heard Sade, Anthony Hamilton, and R. Kelly. I could've used Biggie, N.E.R.D., or anything up-tempo, but I kept getting slow songs and emo crap.

Check this. I finally got lucky with Public Enemy's Night of the Living Baseheads and it followed me up with Sade's Babyfather - WTF? So, back to the last song. I was heading up the hill my neighbors call Mt. Tendonitus and what do I hear? That Hump by Erykah Badu. If you've never heard it before, I'll tell you my impression of what you should be doing when it comes on - picking cotton in your fourteenth hour of work on a plantation. This dirge/blues song is not suited for running. I nearly clawed my iPod arm sleeve off my arm trying to get this most inappropriate song out of my head.
If I could get over that HUMP (mmmmm) Then maybe I will feel better Maybe I wont FALL If I could get...
You get the point. I was running up a hill for Pete's sake!

So, this is all to say that I am considering whether I should where my iPod at the marathon this weekend or not. I haven't worn my iPod at my other marathons. The only race wore my iPod was the Jug Bay 10K when I finished 2nd in my age group. I carefully selected my playlist that day to include some serious tempo songs like, DMX's Intro, Jay-Z's Say Hello, and my all-time favorite running song Outkast's B.O.B. I'm thinking that if I can put together 3 and a half hours of music. The only thing I am worried about is whether I want to create a score that fits the phases and scenery of the race or just put a bunch of head bangers on the mix.

Maybe, I'd be better just listening to my heart, footfalls and cheers from the spectators.

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