Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday quality workout (4 x 1600 in 6:39, 6:50, 6:53, 6:49)

I only do two hard workouts a week. Thursday is quality/speedwork day and Sunday is long run day. The rest are "easy" runs, which at this phase of my training are 9 miles at 8:40/mile pace. I always dread the speedwork especially fast interval training. I am afraid that I won't hit the times. It takes a lot to run until you feel you can do no more. Weight lifting is easier. If you max out on the bench press you just have your spotter put the bar on the rack for you, but running is different you don't want to collapse to the ground because you can't do anymore (or do you?).

Today I went to the track with the intention of doing 4 by 1 mile intervals at 6:50/mile pace. I have to say that I don't feel very fast right now because all I seem to do is run long distances. I went to Bowie State University after work today to put in the workout. This was first for me and I was very pleased to run on a well cared-for collegiate track. The campus was fairly empty and I had only one runner with me who left after my first mile.

I warmed up one mile and started my intervals. Each mile hurt a little bit and I took my time during my 800m rest laps in between. I made good use of my arms when I wanted to finish the laps strong. The best part was that I had the marching band practicing and stomping by the track on my last interval. They were playing "Cold-hearted Snake" by Paula Abdul and "Yea Ya Know" by T.I. and the drum lines were rocking. I used their tempos to push me through to the end of my workout.

7.85 miles in 1:05:34 (4 x 1600 in 6:39, 6:50, 6:53, 6:49)

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