Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am on a weird pre-taper taper. I ran a crazy race this weekend, the Warrior Dash where I ran very well (204/5111, 18th in AG).

I then proceeded to run 12 miles on the Marine Corps Marathon course. I planned on doing 20 miles, but my legs were tight and it was too hot (+80 degrees F). I ran from the Arlington Cemetery to the Key Bridge to the National Mall to the Capital and back to the Memorial Bridge. When I got home I was beat.

I have less than three weeks to go to my marathon. I skipped the planned runs for Tuesday and Wednesday. Tomorrow I've got to do some speed work. I have two plans I can execute now. One is a taper plan: run 6 mi, inc Warm; 4 mi @ 7:28; Cool. The other is a brutal 2-week taper that has me running a 7 mile tempo run.

I may be selling my fast marathon up the river, but I am opting for the three week taper. I feel so good just chilling and resting the last two days. I am soaking in Chicago Marathon race reports and thinking fast thoughts.

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