Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scratching my head

More than a couple of times during this period of my annual training I've asked myself, "what am I doing?" This is my third Winter running. I am planning on running my fourth marathon a week in a half, but I don't feel really prepared yet I don't really care. I haven't run a 20 miler or for that matter any runs longer than 17 miles this year. I am going to call this race a long run that happens to be a marathon. And why should I treat it overly special? I've run the course almost every weekend since I've started running.

I am going to run the George Washington Birthday Marathon on the 20th. I am preparing for the SunTrust National March 26th. Though my training plan has me peaking then I am taking liberties to skip workouts and do my own thing as necessary. The only real thing I am trying to accomplish is to get more mileage in and practice the distance. I plan on running 5Ks and 10Ks after that until a final Fall marathon in 2011. Maybe by then I will be fast enough for a BQ.

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