Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daily run logging has resumed... August reflection

Today's run: 7 miles @ 8:34/mile in 1:00:08, outdoors - elevation 234 ft

Rolling, rolling, rolling... I am rolling along toward my goal marathon of the year - the Marine Corps Marathon. I put in 160 miles in August, my highest mileage month of this year (maybe ever). I've tracked my heart rate and my efficiency at 150 beats per minute is presently at around 8:45/mile pace when run at my 7 mile baseline.

Tomorrow begins September. The mileage will continue to rise. Probably to 200 or more miles. I hope to watch the heart rate bpm drop. I still need to know how to analyze this heart rate data, but I do use the info on the run. When I feel I need a break, I break until my heart rate is in the 120s range.

My painful right knee is occasionally bugging me, but it isn't hurting me like an injury. I bought new shoes and know that I should never let so many miles go by in a pair of shoes without replacing them. Well, more to come.

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