Sunday, May 30, 2010

MCM Training - Week 1

This week was an adventure in running too much. I ran 6 days this week and covered 49.5 miles for an average of 8.25 miles per day this week with a long run of 12 miles. I did my first two double run days of 4 miles in the morning and 4 miles in the evening. These were not too bad I had much more trouble with my 8 miles straight days on Tuesday and Thursday. I had to remember to slow down when the temperature is too hot and really need to relearn how to refuel on the run.

I say that this was a trial of running too much because I have probably given myself a bit of ITB soreness (aka, runner's knee) and this is most likely due to trying to run too much too soon. I have no swelling, just tenderness, so I do not think it is serious. I probably need to follow the RICE principle (rest, ice, compression, and elevation). I plan to rest today and maybe even tomorrow if the pain is consistent with yesterday and today then I'll resume the training.

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